A life coach works with clients to support them in setting and achieving personal and professional goals. I most enjoy working with clients to achieve balance and create possibility in their lives.

How does life coaching work?

After signing a contract for generally a three month minimum commitment, I work with my clients each week for one hour either over the phone or internet (Skype, Google Hangout). In-person coaching sessions can be arranged at the client’s request.  

How do I contact you?

To find out more about my services, you can contact me on my contact form to schedule your one-hour sample session.

Do you specialize in any specific area?

While my coach training was broad and intensive, I most enjoy supporting women to achieve balance in their lives. As a former stay-at-home mom and a professional engineer, I understand the demands placed on women. I support women to lead a life full of self care and well-being, in service of them being at their best to in turn provide that support to others.

Why haven't you coached me already?

It’s so easy for the days to pass by and the same things to continue happening. The familiar is so comfortable. You may have an intention or dream or goal, but without consciously taking the time to act on it, everything stays the same.  If you are ready for a shift, a life coach, like me, can support you to create that change.