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The power of life coaching can be demonstrated best through a running analogy. Throughout high school and college, I have always been a decent runner. It became more enjoyable once I started running and competing in marathons.

 My approach to running worked pretty well for me until I discovered coaching from a friend, who is a running coach

She is the one that saw the potential in me and introduced me to various ways of training that changed how I approached running. Along with my coach, I developed a support system from my training partners whom opened up another realm of possibilities for me. 

To keep myself accountable I shared my intended goals with my support network which resulted in catapulting my running progress. My times dropped dramatically leading me to win races and I realized it was a whole different ballgame. 

The name "Sub 3 Life Coaching" come from achieving my goal of running the 2013 Boston Marathon in under three hours. It was an amazing accomplishment and it was made possible through the extensive support of my network and coach.

Life coaching can do the same but on a whole life basis. Imagine the possibilties that could unfold with a dedicated support system.

We can be the most successful people by having support, a new perspective, and others to keep you accountable. The possbilities that have never occurred to us can lead to so much more.

Life coaching is for individuals that want to progress their lives forward; someone that is stuck on a project, perhaps an individual looking to make a career or relationship transition, or someone that just wants to tap into unlimited potential. All of these situations can be supported through coaching and I am in a position to make that happen.