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After eight years as a professional chemical engineer then transitioning to being a stay-at-home parent and athletic event manager, I combined my diverse skills to empower others through life coaching.

I’ve developed a real-life model of finding balance through managing my family of four, supporting my community through service activities and running a coaching business, all while pursuing my own passions.

 I use my own life experiences, expert training with Accomplishment Coaching and authentic personality to move my clients’ lives forward. I am genuinely interested in your life and how you can be a champion for yourself.

Additionally, I am an avid competitive runner and triathlete with a Certificate in Exercise Science and Nutrition. These disciplines have fostered my first-rate ability to set goals and achieve them. My initial foray into coaching involved motivating women and girls to explore the world of athletics; this ultimately uncovered their abilities to achieve success beyond sports and into all they do. Those achievements led me to grow and apply my skills on a whole-life basis.

I enjoy finding balance in busy lives, leading to the unveiling of a more fulfilling future. Juggling a career, relationships and fun while addressing your own needs can be a struggle, but you do not have to sacrifice one for the other. I offer my clients possibility, reaching well beyond the current limits they have set for themselves. I truly value seeing others succeed and being a part of their journey.

Why Sub 3

Sub 3 is the result of my own personal lesson on what's possible. As I mentioned, I am an avid and competitive runner. I ran my first marathon at 3 hours and 45 minutes; while I was proud of my accomplishment I still had a limiting belief that there was no way I could run a sub 3 hour race. Until I spoke with some of my coaches who believed it was possible. They saw it in me and we laid down the path. They saw the possibility in me. I began to believe and it led me to eventually achieve it. 

Although I am a life coach focused on more than just the physical aspect of your life, I use this story to encourage my clients to explore "the possibilities" and fall in love with the process of achievement. You already have the ability to achieve your goals within you; my job is simple, I help you see it and bring it to the forefront. 

Congratulations on taking the first step in exploring life coaching! I look forward to supporting you in creating the life that you dream possible.