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A life coach is a trained professional who helps you set and achieve your personal goals. Life coaches do this by listening carefully, asking thought provoking questions, and collaborating with you to identify commitments and appropriate actions. 

Life coaches believe that you have all the answers and inherently know the best path for yourself. A coach's job is to support that discovery and work with you to create possibilities. Life coaching moves lives forward by distinguishing and empowering your way of being, beyond just providing accountability.

A life coach supports you to achieve balance and create possibility through projects. Through reflection, a coach empowers you to get out of your own way and move forward.


I support my clients to achieve balance and create possibility. The surface of my coaching provides structure and accountability through project design and implementation, but the ability to support my clients to transcend their self-imposed limitations is the real gift of coaching. Please message me for a complimentary sample session and experience first hand the power of coaching.